About Us
  • Rib Valley Gymnastics & Trampoline Club started in October 2013 using two trampolines and now has 4 trampolines. In January 2018 we added gymnastics classes.

  • We are a small friendly club that caters for all ages and abilities from the beginner to the more experienced trampolinist & gymnast.

  • All coaches are British Gymnastics qualified and insured. We are also qualified to coach children with special needs.

Head Coach & Club Manager - Andrea Allen

Andrea is Level 2 Qualified (+ Special Needs module) and has over 20 years experience in coaching trampolining and has coached at many sports centres and trampoline clubs. She was a coach at Apex Trampoline Club in Harlow for over 5 years. Andrea is also a level 2 Acrobatic gymnastics coach and also coaches at Stevenage Sports Acrobatic club.  Andrea has taken teams to many British Gymnastics Gymnfusion events and The London Festival of Gymnastics. She is also a British Gymnastics trampoline club judge and recently preschool qualified. Andrea's most memorable achievement was gaining the trampoline gold medal at the British Gymnastics Veterans British Championships in 2015.

Level 2 Coach - Amy Pettitt

Amy has been coaching trampolining for many years and has recently returned to coaching after having children. She has worked in local leisure centres and also used to be an ice skating coach!


Level 1 Coach - Scott Dearman

Scott has been coaching trampolining at Rib Valley for the past three years, recently passing his Proficiency coaching certificate and also his Level 1 qualification.


Level 1 Coach Lucy Allen

Lucy has been bouncing and cartwheeling all her life and has competed in numerous club and Regional competitions. Lucy was Bronze medallist in the Acrobatic County Championships in 2016 and has competed in many Acrobatic compettions and National displays like the London Festival and Gymfusion. Lucy is also Preschool qualified.

Level 1 Coach - Gabby Orlandi

Gabby has been involved in gymnastics since a young age and has competed in acrobatics for many years. Since returning from a sports degree she has become a full time coach and currently coaches at Rib Valley, Stevenage Sports Acro and Marriotts Gymnastics Club. Gabby is starting her level 2 qualification in August 2019

Level 1 Coach - Stacey Charlton

Stacey has been coaching General Gymnastics in Broxbourne for a few years at the Laura Trott Sports Centre. Stacey is also undertaking her disability coaching qualification in the Autumn 2019.


Young Leader - Hattie Fancy

Hattie is a member of Stevenage Sports Acrobatic Club and is the current county tumbling champion at Club Grade 2. Hattie loves gymnastics and really wants to get involved.

Assistant Proficiency Coach - Erin Lifely

Erin is an experienced Acrobat and trains at Ware Gymnastics and has competed in many competitions and displays. Erin gained the Bronze medal in the 2017 Acro County championships at Grade 4.

Assistant Proficiency Coach - Paige Allen

Paige has been coaching gymnastics and trampolining for 5 years. She has participated in trampolining and gymnastics from a young age and has competed at local club competitions. Paige is currently at university studying midwifery but helps out when she is back home.

Young Leader - Izzy Hatfield

Izzy is a member of Stevenage Sports Acrobatic Club but loves helping out with younger members at Rib Valley and is a great asset!

Young Leader - Leila Bradley

Leila is a gymnast at Rib Valley and has started helping out on our Friday sessions. She is taking her Proficiency in Gymnastics coaching course in May.

Welfare Officer Fiona Tredgett

Fiona has been in the sport for many years and runs a large successful trampoline club in Harlow. She has a wealth of knowledge and is very supportive to Rib Valley Trampoline Club.

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