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We created a brand-new award scheme for Hertfordshire gymnastics clubs in 2021. This new scheme enables each gymnast to achieve and gain rewards for gymnastics skills attained in a structured and accessible way.


The scheme starts at badge 8 down to badge 1, covering fundamental gymnastics skills. Each badge works on fitness, flexibility, static skills, dynamic skills, tumbling and acrobatics, increasing in difficulty as the badges progress. 

Once you have achieved badge 1, you move onto the Advanced award scheme at Bronze level with a different badge to work towards in fitness, floor, acrobatics, tumbling, vault & rebound. Once all Bronze levels are achieved you move onto Silver and then finally Gold level in each area.


The scheme is tailored for all ages and abilities. A badge and certificate costs £3.50 to purchase. 

If you are a gymnastics club, dance school or trampoline club and are interested to find out more about this scheme, please get in touch. We have additional badges available in Artistic, Bars, Beam, Mens, Trampoline, DMT, Parkour, Rhythmic, Cheerleading & Aerobics and can tailor the scheme to your club including your club logo on the badges and certificates. Hertfordshire clubs are welcome to join our scheme for free - costs are just for printing certificates and purchasing badges. 

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