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Rib Valley has our own team of young leaders working through the British Gymnastics Leadership Academy. 

As part of the scheme (similar to DofE but for Gymnastics) the young leaders have to work through log books covering:

MY Learning: Leaders are tasked with completing a number of different courses, both generic and sport specific.

MY Development: Leaders are tasked with identifying a mentor and learning from working alongside them.

MY Volunteering: Leaders are tasked with volunteering their time at events and meetings.

MY Future: Leaders are tasked with producing a development plan and working towards completing their goals.

MY Project: Leaders are tasked with identifying appropriate needs and running a project to add benefits to themselves and their club.

The young leaders at Rib Valley have volunteered at many national gymnastics events and help with warm up games in class and badge testing alongside qualified coaches who mentor them in what it means to be a good coach. The scheme delivers essential life learning skills and sets a good example to the younger gymnasts in classes. As part of the MY Project, the Rib Valley young leaders organised and ran an Easter Holiday camp day under the supervision of our qualified coaches. 

You can join the free scheme from age 11. Training courses in the scheme are not free but kept affordable. 

For more information, please speak to head coach Andrea Allen who is a Leadership Academy Captain for British Gymnastics and can help you set up a scheme for your club. Leadership Academies - British Gymnastics (

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